India: Many Shortcomings at Mediwada Animal Market

Today, the VSPCA team visits the market in Mediwada. The market is completely overcrowded. Crowds of people are pushing past buffalos, goats and chickens, which are offered for sale here.

Wherever our team looks, there are shortcomings: the heaps of earth used as ramps for transporting cattle are too low and the animals have to jump off the transporters. The goats are closely tied to each other with strings and can neither move nor lie down. In a tuk-tuk we see stacked chickens. The animals have no freedom of movement as their legs are tied with strings. Sridevi and her team document all grievances.

This market should also have local authorities that guarantee compliance with animal protection law with strict controls. As on the other markets, the strict legal requirements do not apply to the animals.