India: Meeting of all Market Committees in Andhra Pradesh

Finally it’s happening! After in 2016 the Supreme Court obliged all animal markets to comply with animal welfare legislation and to establish market committees (see our report), at first not much has happened. But our VSPCA-team, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, has been working tirelessly to push the competent ministry to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Our main claim was that the market committee meetings have to take place in order to initiate and implement the necessary improvements at the markets. Now, after meeting the District Collector, VSPCA director Pradeep Kumar Nath was promised that during the next weeks the market committee meetings will take place at all 13 market locations – followed by a meeting between all committees to exchange information. The VSPCA will attend all meetings and take a stand for the actual implementation of this important court decision in favor of the animals.