India: Taking Action for the Chickens in Visakhpatnam

Today, Animals‘ Angels is taking action for the chickens in Visakhpatnam. Since 2012, our investigations have been solely dedicated to cattle. With our Cattle Respect Programme heading in the right direction, we have been making more and more headway for the cows. This allows us to also address some of the other nuisances.

At every street corner, chickens are kept, sold and handled under pathetic conditions. Without batting an eye, they are handled utterly disrespectfully and undignifiedly. We want to change this!

As a first step, we did some research in the streets of Visakhpatnam to see how the chickens are kept and to assess the main problems. We talked to a vendor on how he could improve his rusty cages and together we placed some water bowls inside them. The chickens drank eagerly. Now, together with our partner VPSCA, we develop a strategy to improve the chickens’ situation.