Calf Transport to Turkey: Unnecesary Waiting Times at the Border – Without Feed and Water

In Bulgaria, Animals' Angels controls an animal transport with calves from Hungary that are to be slaughtered in Turkey.

Looking out of the truck are friendly children's faces with big beautiful eyes and long bright eyelashes. The animals seem to be tired. It is hot and the little bedding in the truck is still very dry. We are afraid that the animals have hardly had anything to drink on the way. Calf Florian has an injury at his ear which has bled a lot. The driver tells us that another calf has stepped on it while Florian was lying down. This happens easily in the confinement of the vehicle – getting tired is dangerous.

Finally the calves are unloaded at the only supply stable near the Turkish border. But here the young animals are not even allowed the prescribed 24-hour break. After just under 20 hours, the journey continues towards Turkey.

But that's not all: the transport reaches the border in the afternoon. This means that it cannot pass the veterinary inspection on the Turkish side that day – and has to wait here until the next morning. For the animals this means an extra night on the truck. Again without space, without food and water. Completely unnecessary!

For a decade the exporting countries and the EU have been discussing about better conditions for the animals on the transports to Turkey – but in reality nothing happens. The export of live animals to Turkey must be stopped.