Lamb Transports During Orthodox Easter: Thirsty Animals due to Broken Water System

In Romania, in the late evening, we find a truck transporting lambs to Greece. Since the drinking system is broken and the distance to the destination is very long, we follow the transport.

In Greece, due to our pressure, a second driver can repair the drinking system. But the type of drinking trough is completely unfamiliar to the lambs. They do not recognise them as water sources or do not know how to use them. In addition, the high number of animals blocks access to the drinking troughs for most lambs. Even the driver comments that he could only load half as many animals to give everyone access to the drinking troughs.

At every stop we look after the lambs: they are obviously exhausted and thirsty, they lick the walls and bleat loudly. After 24 hours without water, let alone food, they are finally unloaded at a slaughterhouse in southern Greece.

On the way, we initiated an inspection of the transport by an official veterinarian and an inspection of the slaughterhouse. We hope to receive the results of these investigations soon and will inform the authorities responsible for dispatching the transport.