Morocco: Helping the Animals at Skherat Market

Our Morrocean Animals‘ Angels team is at Skherat animal market to help the animals. They give water to the thirsty donkeys, horses and mules. While walking across the market, they see at least some owner who use self-made collars to move their sheep. But unfortunately, most of the sheep and goats are still placed on the floor with their legs tied together. To encourage their behavior, Ali, Habib and Boubaker give some collars to those owners who treat their sheep better than the others.

Besides, Ali, Habib and Boubaker free some tired donkeys who lie down even while still being fixed to their carts. They also buy some hay for the animals as it is still no usual for them to be fed while waiting at the market.

Our team also does a lot of educational work today. They confront a man who is about to transport his goats in his car’s trunk and footwell. He understands that this way his animals would have to suffer even more stress during transport and feels bad about it. He promises to find a better solution.