Morocco: Our Team Helps the Animals at Skherat Market – Michel's Wound has Finally Healed

Animals' Angels helps the animals at the market in Skherat and educates the owners and traders there. Also today Ayoub supports our team around Ali, Habib and Boubaker.

Already in the early morning they are on site and first of all they look for the sheep and goats. Most of the animals are tied together at the legs and lie on the ground. Only a few traders use collars and leashes for their animals, for example the owner of Ghizlan. "In this way my sheep is calm and my conscience is too," he explains to our team. Boubaker takes the opportunity and shows this good example to the other traders.

In the bird sales area, our team distributes water and feed for the chickens, ducks and rabbits. Ali and Ayoub talk to the owners and help a man build some shade for his chickens and ducks. Meanwhile, Boubaker and Habib are with the donkeys and horses, freeing them from the carts and loads. The owner of donkey lady Kabira comes immediately to our team and tells them that Kabira has a problem with a hoof and is lame. Boubaker checks and cleans the hooves. He finds a 3 cm long metal nail in the hoof, which luckily can be removed. The team agrees with the owner to stay in contact and to inform them about Kabira's health.

Today our team meets the donkey Michel again, whom they visited at home two months ago. The owner calls out to them from afar that Michel is well. And indeed: Michel's back wound, which tormented him for years, has healed. We are very happy that Michel is well. And above all, that his owner really understood that he has to take care of his animal - also or especially because our team has invested so much time and work in the last few years.