Morocco: Water, Food and First Aid for the Animals at Skherat Market

Animals' Angels Caring for the Animals at Skherat Market, Morocco

The Animals’ Angels’ team, Ayoub and Boubaker, are back at Skherat market near Rabat to be there with the animals. The team starts their check in the sheep area that is not as full as it used to be and some of the sheep owners keep their sheep in their vehicles while others take some social distancing measures to avoid crowding. Once again, our team notices that some sellers keep their animals in very bad ways. Boubaker tries over and over to speak with them to change their habits and deal with the animals. At the poultry area, some sellers have food and water for their birds and are covered from the sun. However, others do not, and some birds look very thirsty like the duck Nasir who almost wants to jump inside the bowl of water. Ayoub and Boubaker react immediately and start to provide all the birds in the area with water and food.

At the “parking” area of the donkeys, which was already full of donkeys and horses, our team unsaddles the donkeys to help them relax. Of course, they groom the animals and clean their furs with a lot of love.  In the same area, the team meets the donkey Hadi who has already been unsaddled by his owner next to his cart. Ayoub and Boubaker are happy to see that people are starting to understand and apply what they have been telling them. Unfortunately, the donkey Hadi has a small wound in his leg because of tightly tied rope. Boubaker and Ayoub immediately react and treat the wound. Unfortunarely, they do not have the opportunity to meet the owner of Hadi, but next visit they will try to speak with him to be more careful with the ropes.

At the “parking” area, the team meets again the donkey Nassim who was treated a while ago by them; the last time they visited the market Nassim had small wounds on his face which look completely healed now.

Our team is planning to visit the markets near Rabat next week to continue with the checks and specially to sensitize the people at the markets.