Qatar: Success for Birds and Rabbits

Repeatedly, Animals’ Angels has been filing complaints to the competent Qatari ministry about the catastrophic conditions for the birds and rabbits at the huge animal market of Abu Hanmour.

The animals were placed in filthy and partly overcrowded cages of which some stood in plain sunlight. The only few water bowls were dirty and covered in algae. There were dead and dying animals in many cages. Plenty of times, we spoke to the vendors prompting them to give the animals water, clean the cages and separate and care for sick animals.  

In May, with the ministry’s approval, we distributed animal welfare leaflets to the vendors. Today, after five months have passed, we visited the markets again, eagerly to see if things have changed. Indeed, it was as different as day and night: Most of the cages have been cleaned and the whole place seems tidier. The animals have clean water. No more severely crowded cages. Two obviously sick birds and one rabbit have been separated. For the first time, we did not spot any dead animals. Some of the vendors strive for our recognition – which we gladly gave them.

We are happy with all the positive changes. A small step into the right direction. But we are aware that we only helped to make the animals’ stay at the market just more bearable. Still they will sit in bleak cages, suffering from the heat while waiting for a merciful buyer.