Qatar: We Train the new Animal Welfare Officers at the Central Animal Market in Doha

[Translate to englisch:] Tierschutz-Training Doha, Katar

Animals' Angels has been following animal welfare issues in Qatar for ten years. The large central animal market in Doha has always been a particular problem. After numerous petitions, complaints and meetings, a new, modernized market was finally opened in 2020. It offers a very good infrastructure. But one problem remains: The animal keepers there do not take enough care of the animals entrusted to them. The water troughs usually remain dirty and empty. Sick and injured animals are left to their fate. The pens are mucked out too rarely and there is garbage and leftover food lying around. The caretakers also change frequently and have little or no experience in handling animals. They grab and pull them by the horns and legs or simply push them off the transport vehicles.

This urgently needs to change! With our new pilot project, we are now training an already well-trained group of security guards at the market to become the new animal welfare officers. They monitor whether all animals have water and ensure that they are handled calmly and carefully. They alert the veterinary office if there are sick or injured animals at the market, and they also alert the animal handlers if the pens are not clean. At our first training session on February 1, the new animal welfare officers show full commitment and are very enthusiastic.

Our special thanks go to the responsible Ministry of Spatial and Urban Planning and the market operator Aswaq for making this project possible. We are already looking forward to the next training session!