Romania: Help for the Donkeys Marcelu and Daniel

After our visit to the animal market in Calarasi we find donkey Marcelu in the poor area located behind it. Last year, in the same area, we met mare Christmas and we unfortunately could not save her.

Marcelu can’t walk properly with his front legs as he visibly has pain in his feet. Later his owner appears and explains that he needs help to buy food for Marcel and to treat his feet. A strange destiny wants it that the owner is a relative of Christmas’ owner and we are conducted to the exact same house.

We buy five bales of alfalfa to help feeding Marcelu and Daniel, the second donkey we find entering the tiny stable where they are kept together. By ‘stable’ we mean a tiny closet small like a bathroom beside the house. And by ‘house’ we mean a run down building without basic services where an undefined number of persons and children live all together. We immediately call our friends of Save the Dogs and other Animals based in Medgidia, around 120 km away.

Luckily, even if they are already overwhelmed with all the animals they rescued, they promise to send soon their vets to assess the condition of Daniel and Marcelu and take care of them. Next Monday, Raul and Roxana come to Calarasi. They find the donkeys and their owners agree to let them visit them.

Both get their hooves trimmed, especially Marcelu who also has an abscess. Finally he can walk better. Marcelu and Daniel still have alfalfa to eat and Save the Dogs will continue to monitor them. But what is more, in spring they will check all the donkeys and horses of the area in which people and animals live in very harsh conditions, trying to build a good relationship and improve the conditions of these animals sadly exploited for work.

Animals´ Angels will continue to have a look at the area when visiting the local animal market. A big thank you to Sara, the founder of Save the Dogs, Filippo, the director in Romani as well as Raul and Roxana the two veterinarians in the field!