Romania: Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

Animals’ Angels inspects Calugareni animal market where, every Sunday, plenty of animals are traded. This market has no official authorization for trading animals but the competent authorities are not willing to enforce the law.

This Sunday, Palm Sunday, many animals are offered for sale. Being ignored by the government and without any veterinary supervision, the market seems to be an open field for infringements. We observe many cases of mishandling and we are present during the killing of Gabriela, Emma and Bea. The three sows are handled very brutally. Four to five men are literally sitting on them while one of them directly cuts their throats.

Many lambs are present because of upcoming Easter. They are displayed, purchased and carried around the market like goods: upside down with their legs trussed up, stuffed into bags and thrown into vehicles. The more than 1.500 birds are generally handled the same way.

Left between two cars we find Furie attached to a cart loaded with heavy bags. He is apparently in pain as he is lifting his hind leg while biting the air with his ears stretched back. His knee is swollen and he would need an extensive and expensive treatment which is not easy to find in a rural area.

Animals’ Angels is in dialog with the veterinary authority and is making pressure to them not to leave these animals alone.