Saudi Arabia: We Present our Camel Welfare Protocol at the International Conference of the Camels

[Translate to englisch:] Conference of the Camels, Saudi Arabien 2024

Animals Angels and Prof. Barbara Padalino are in the north of Saudi Arabia at the International Conference of the Camels at the University of Al Jouf. There, Barbara Padalino will present the Protocol for Scoring the Welfare Status of Dromedary Camels, which was developed together with Animals Angels.

Animal welfare research and the animal welfare derived from it are particularly needed for camels, which have so far been less researched than other animals. Research helps us to better understand the language of the animals and to be able to react better to what the animals want to show and "say" to us. The animal welfare protocol as a kind of handbook then helps to determine the current situation on the farms and to implement the knowledge gained on the farms so that the animals can live out their animal behavior better and feel more comfortable emotionally and physically.

In addition to distributing the protocol and talking to participants, a hybrid meeting with representatives of the Saudi Arabian International Camel Organization will take place during the conference. They want to support us in collecting data on intensively kept, not free-grazing camels in Saudi Arabia. Because these animals in particular should be as well off as possible. And the additional data should help to deepen the animal welfare protocol and promote minimum standards for animal welfare and camel transportation in the relevant countries.