Spain: Inspection of Cattle Auction in Silleda

ANDA and Animals‘ Angels inspect an auction in Silleda, North Spain, where young calves, worn out ‘milk’ cows and other ‘slaugther’ cattle are for sale. The market’s facilities are in good order. All animals have access to water and they can lie down, although on the hard floor. The young calves are provided straw bedding.

What saddens us is the neglect condition of many cows: We see extremely dirty cows, skinny animals, overgrown claws, dull fur and swollen ankles.  

Still, this market is better than many of the markets we know, thanks to the market director and the remarkable and courageous involvement of an official veterinarian.

For the animals, markets always involve stress, fear and suffering. But if the veterinarians have an educational influence on sellers and transporters and initiate husbandry inspections where deemed necessary, markets are an important education and monitoring forum.