Tanzania: Abraham – a ‚Downer' Bull at Pugu Cattle Market

Animals‘ Angels visits Pugu cattle market in Tanzania. At the verge of the market we see a bull lying on the ground. We call him Abraham. His eyes are closed and his head lies on the ground – nobody takes notice of him.

We find out that Abraham has an injury at his hind leg, caused during transport to the market. He cannot get up anymore. The moment he opens his eyes we see that he is blind on one eye, like many cattle at the market. This results from the despicable practice to rub corrosive liquids or chili into their eyes to make them get up or move.

We give water in a bowl to Abraham, but he only takes a little as he is even too weak to drink. He is severely injured and tired. Actually, he should be euthanized, but this is not possible at Pugu market. Hence, Abraham is brought to a local slaughterhouse. Animals’ Angels talks to his owner and the market administration requests that he shall be loaded as gentle as possible. When we return after a short while, Abraham is gone.

His fate is another sad example that we will address to call on the markets administration and the competent authorities to undertake urgently needed improvements.