Animal Transports to Turkey: German Heifers On Hungarian Transporter – During 37 °C Midday Heat

Animal Transport Turkey

Animals' Angels controls animal transports at the Bulgarian-Turkish border together with the Animal Welfare Foundation. The thermometer shows 37 degrees at noon. A Hungarian transport attracts our attention.

The vehicle is heavily soiled and a strong smell of ammonia comes from inside. Inside we see heifers from Germany, the animals are dirty. Some are coughing, restless and mooing over and over. The young cow Isolde has thick white nasal discharge. The driver parks the truck in the blazing sun. He ignores our request to turn on the ventilation. The animals are barely two years old, many of them have already been sold several times in Germany. In July they were sold to Hungary, now they are on their way to Turkey - and face an uncertain fate.

This transport shows once again that the trade in live animals and the financial interests behind it know no bounds. Animals are sentient beings, but the 'livestock' industry shows no consideration. That is why we continue to fight for a ban on animal transports to countries outside the EU.