Animal Transports to Turkey: We Follow up on Reports of Illegal Transports to Distant Third Countries

Animal Transports from EU to Turkey

Together with the Animal Welfare Foundation, we are once again in Turkey: We are following up on reports of illegal animal transports to distant third countries. Our teams inspected ten transports on site - before our tip-offs were confirmed.

Together, we follow three animal transports with cattle from Hungary to the Iraqi border - almost 2,000 kilometers, 35 hours long. Each of the three transports is illegal because the animals are loaded too tightly, have only been given a little hay once and have not been watered. The maximum permitted transport time of 29 hours was exceeded by far. During the accompanying journey, we manage to document the poor transport conditions several times. We see the sad picture of hungry and exhausted animals.

Our goal: Stop these transports, now! We demand that Hungary immediately stop the transportation of animals to Iraq. These transports are torture for the animals and violate the law. Together we are filing an official complaint with the responsible Ministry of Agriculture in Hungary and the border control in Bulgaria. These transports may no longer be processed in Hungary and may not leave the EU via the Bulgarian EU external border - with immediate effect!