Saleyards and Animal Markets In Australia

Australia is one of the world's largest producer and exporter of so-called ‘farm’ animals, and prides itself with its animal welfare laws. But despite these laws, the animals on transport and at markets are not sufficiently protected. Handling is rough and careless. Since 2004, Animals' Angels has been advocating for the animals in Australia and demands change.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

In the turmoil of auctions at markets and saleyards we regularly observe systemic problems:

  • Overcrowded pens preventing movement and inspection.
  • Animals pushed to the ground, no room to stand up.
  • No water, no food.
  • No shade despite high temperatures.
  • Overheated animals.
  • Lack of care for injured/sick animals.
  • Violent unloading and loading.
  • Overcrowded transport vehicles.
  • Animals with trapped body parts, unable to free themselves.
  • Transport and sale of unfit animals.
  • Lack of weather protection: trucks without roof.

The saleyards, markets and transports are not regularly inspected by the regulatory authorities. Instead, the parties involved consider compliance with animal welfare laws as taking place.

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What Animals' Angels Does Against it

Since 2004, Animals' Angels has been with the 'farm' animals in Australia, regularly documenting activities at markets, saleyards and during transport.

We report animal welfare concerns to the regulatory authorities. With our complaints, we ask the authorities to take action. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry and legal situation, our work is respected by both the relevant authorities and the industry sectors. In dialogue with both parties, we advocate for compliance with the law and a more respectful treatment of 'farm' animals.

Our Goals:

  • Raise awareness and respect towards 'farm' animals.
  • Compliance with existing laws.
  • More regular controls by supervisory authorities.
  • Assisting with improvements.

Project Leader:
Dawn Lowe


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