India – Respect for Cows!

India is known as the land of sacred cows decorated with flowers. But behind the scenes it looks different: India is one of the world's largest milk producers and one of the largest exporters of beef. The handling of cattle at markets, during transport and slaughter is of unimaginable cruelty, despite the strict animal protection laws. This also applies to other 'farm' animals, such as pigs and poultry.

We hand over the Project to the VSPCA

Together with the local animal welfare organization VSPCA, we have inspected markets and animal transports since 2012, for over seven years. Over the years we invested a lot of energy and resources to build the project sustainably and to achieve changes for the animals locally and together with the authorities. In 2020 we handed over the project into the hands of our long-standing local partner, the Indian organization VSPCA. We remain in close contact and support their commitment to the animals with words and deeds. For more information on the current situation in India's animal markets, please visit the website of the VSPCA.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

India's laws to protect animals during transport and on markets are progressive and many times stricter than in Europe. But reality looks different:

  • No shadow, despite enormous temperatures.
  • No water supply.
  • Lack of loading ramps and simplest infrastructure.
  • The loading and unloading of cattle is hectic and brutal. The animals are beaten and pushed with sticks, even on the most sensitive body parts.
  • Pigs and chickens are offered for sale lying on the ground with their legs tied together.
  • Neither veterinarians nor authorities are on-site to ensure compliance with the laws.
  • The means of transport are absolutely unsuitable for animals. Goats and chickens are transported with tied legs on bicycles, scooters or in trunks.
  • Cattle are transported in car rickshaws or on loading beds of open trucks.
  • Overloading is one of the main problems. Cattle are pushed into the loading area standing next to each other or forced onto their knees and tied to the ground. The mighty animals tremble all over their bodies and urinate out of fear and stress.
  • There are hardly any official controls. Bribery is an omnipresent problem.

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