Animal Markets in Poland

While in Germany 'farm' animal markets are nearly a thing of the past, they are still an integral part of animal farming in Poland. Animals' Angels has been working in Poland since 2003. With perseverance, tenacity and a good local partner we have contributed to the fact that 'animal farming' is being widely discussed in the critical public and political discourse in Poland.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

Most animal markets in Poland do not implement existing EU legislation:

  • Animals do not have access to water.
  • In most cases, they are tied up and put on hard concrete floors.
  • The transport vehicles are often unsuitable.
  • Even if permanently installed ramps are available, many animals are pulled, pushed and beaten into the vehicles without ramps.
  • Poultry is sold and transported in plastic bags and potato sacks.
  • The authorities still intervene far too rarely when animal protection laws are violated.

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What Animals' Angels Does Against it

Since 2012, we have been working in close cooperation with Polish organisation Viva! Interwencje. We support the Viva! team on-site and work together for change, among other things:

  • Complaints to competent authorities at local, national and EU level.
  • Criminal charges against those responsible for animal cruelty at markets, on transports and in animal husbandries.
  • Media reports to inform the Polish public.

In addition to markets, we are also committed to the welfare of animals kept at farms and during transport. Every year at Christmas, we help Viva! Interwencje supporting the 'Christmas carps', which are offered for sale in Poland's streets and supermarkets.

Our Goals:

  • More respect and empathy for 'farm' animals.
  • Authorities that are committed to intervening in animal welfare violations and applying the animal welfare legislation in practice.

Project Leader:
Sophie Greger


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