Animal Markets in Romania

Large parts of Romania's population live in rural areas and breed and keep animals for their own needs. Since there is also a lively trade with these animals, local animal markets have a long tradition here. Since Romania joined the EU in 2007, the EU laws on the protection of animals during transport have been applicable. However, our research in recent years clearly shows that, at animal markets, these laws are largely ignored.

What are the Animals Suffering From?

At animal markets in Romania, the existing EU legislation on the protection of animals during transport is practically not enforced. We are constantly observing and documenting similar problems:

  • Animals are transported in all kinds of unsuitable vehicles: horse-drawn carts, bicycles, car boots or minivans.
  • Due to the lack of infrastructure, the animals are often sold directly out of the vehicles, and are not put in pens.
  • The animals usually don't get water – even in summer.
  • The animals are put on the ground with their legs tied together.
  • Violent handling, such as carrying animals by their limbs, wings or ears.
  • Illegal slaughter at some markets (mainly before Christmas and Easter).
  • So-called 'traction tests' for horses, in which the animals usually have to pull heavy objects under whip lashes to demonstrate their strength.
  • No or insufficient supervision or sanctions by responsible veterinarians.

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What Animals' Angels Does Against it

We regularly visit about 14 animal markets in the country and document the handling of the animals on-site. Our research results in extensive complaints to the competent EU and national authorities, which we then call upon to improve the situation for the animals.

Our Goals:

  • More awareness and respect towards 'farm' animals.
  • To convince the authorities to at least enforce the minimum standards for the protection of animals.
  • To find a local organisation as partner and supporter on-site.

Project Leader:
Silvia Meriggi


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