News About our Work for the Animals

We regularly inform about our latest investigations and the developments in our projects for the animals, as well as our fundraising campaigns and events. Below you will find a continuous overview.

Saleyard Australia
A camel stands on the straw-covered loading area of the truck.
Sheep in Sale Pens at Katanning Saleyard
Sheep in Pens at Katanning Saleyard
Panel Discussion European Greens
University Santander
Unsuitable Cages at Mundijong Animal Market
EU Flag
Horse Karol on Transport From Poland to Italy
Heifers on Transport from Slovenia to Italy
Sheep on Transport From Romania to Italy
Calves in Pens at Boyanup Saleyard
Saleyard in Australia
Animals' Angels Taking Care of the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market
Calf Transport EU