News About our Work for the Animals

We regularly inform about our latest investigations and the developments in our projects for the animals, as well as our fundraising campaigns and events. Below you will find a continuous overview.

Animal Transport from EU to Albania
Calf Transport EU
Pig Transport EU
Bull Calf Transport EU
Calf, probably blind in one eye, stands in the filthy pen of a fattening farm in Gran Canaria
Lambs are crowded together on the much too low deck of an animal transporter
Two exhausted-looking horses tied to the bars with rope stand in cramped stalls on an animal transporter
Cattle Transport EU
Pig Transport Poland
Animal Transport EU
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Two cattle look through the narrow bars of an animal transporter
Lamb on Transport from Romania to Italy
Exhausted young bull crouches on the floor soiled by excrement and urine
Thirsty lambs try to use nipple drinkers unsuitable for them on an animal transporter in Italy.